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The name of this blog is actually a brand new word. If you do a search for haumanadao, ALL of the results will be related to me. For Haumana Dao the results are same when these two words appear together. This is a conjunction of two actual words, Haumana and Dao.

Dao is an alternate spelling to Tao. I am not sure but I believe the difference in spelling is “regional” because the two appear together much of the time when searching for the meaning. The most famous use of this word is in the title of a well known book called Tao Te Ching (or Dao De Jing ) written by Lao Tzu. Many assume that this is the author of this work but if you dig around a little bit you will find that this word means “old master” and that the real author of this work has been said to be Lao Dan who was supposedly the teacher of Confucius (source). The word “supposedly” being the most important as there is no definitive proof. Dao is normally translated as the Way but also ” “path,” or “route,” or sometimes more loosely as “doctrine” or “principle,” it is used philosophically to signify the fundamental or true nature of the world” (source). I have always personally viewed it as “The Way” and as a result it is how I’m using it here.

The Hawaiian translation of Haumana on the other hand has absolutely nothing to do with how this word came to me. A Hawaiian dictionary basically translates it as “student”. My meaning of this word can come to this in more of an abstract way. Doing a search for “Haumana” you will not only find the student references but also it is the name of a Hawaiian cruise line, a road in Maui, and a bay in Hawaii but the cruise line and student are the most common.

So how did this word “come” to me? The answer to that question starts with the name of a man, Max Freedom Long, and a series of books he wrote around what he called Huna or “The Secret Science”. Interestingly enough this is where I first heard the word “The Secret” long before the now famous book/movie and the phenomenon that followed because per Max’s books, Huna translates into “Secret” and Kahuna into “Keepers of the Secret”.

Max’s book “fell” into my life at a very special time starting with “What Jesus Taught in Secret” which was the beginning of an answer that I had been searching for quite some time which was; What did Jesus mean when he said, “You can do what I can do and more”? (John 14:12)

Fundamentally what Max did was “decode” the Hawaiian language and found that there were embedded hidden meanings. He was an avid fan of spy novels in particular ones dealing with code and code breaking so he was perfectly suited for this. The Hawaiian language is fundamentally simplistic so how it is used may be more important than just the words alone. This can be seen by using an online Hawaiian dictionary and seeing the various results that come up for one word. As a general rule the longer words are compounds of smaller words and Haumana is one of those, but this word never appeared in any of his books. As I’ve said, it was a word that “came” to me, but the individual aspects were in his books. Per his books (I have to qualify it this way due to some difficulty with finding some correlations on the online Hawaiian dictionary), fundamentally HA means Breath, U means Spirit, and MANA means Energy.

Some time after I had finished reading several of his books I was travelling through a town north of where I live and passed by a familiar hospital called Humana. Although I’ve been by this many times, for some reason I started thinking how this is the word for “Human” in Spanish, a language I used to speak somewhat fluently. Then all of a sudden I also realized that this contained two of Max’s Huna words, U and MANA and thought that it was odd. Then I juxtaposed the Spanish translation onto the Huna aspect wondering if there was something to this but what about the “H”? Then it hit me that the “H” was from HA. Thus the words “Haumana” first entered into my head and I pondered if this might be the root word for Human and that the “Hau” had diphthonged over the millennia, which at the time seemed to make a lot of sense.

The next thing is what did the roots of each of these have to do with the word Human? First off, I had recently read that we are Human Beings not Human Doings, that Being was a part of our inherent nature. So now the translation of Ha-u-mana is Breath-Spirit-Energy and that vibrated as Truth in me because of another phrase I had also read that “We are Spiritual Beings having a Physical Experience”. This is when the word Dao entered into the context of this. I chose Dao over Tao mainly due to the fact that I liked the way it sounded. This then became Haumana Dao or The Way of Breath Spirit Energy. I then realized that Dao activated or actualized Haumana so the actual translation becomes “The Way of Breathing Spiritual Energy”.

As I mentioned in my Welcome page, a woman that I dated years ago told me that I have a customized Spirituality which as a result, there’s never been a name for what I’ve come to do with all of this Spiritual “stuff” I’ve learned. I’m definitely not religious and even if so I am too esoteric to claim one kind because I’m fascinated with both Eastern and Western mysticism, not to mention “earth based” such as Native American and Pagan/Wiccan. Basically I’m incredibly fascinated with the human search for that which we call God. In the beginning (pun intended) I learned of “The Golden Thread” which ties ALL religions together and from that point I began a quest to understand what that was because when you look around they don’t appear to be connected. Since that time several books comparing Jesus and Buddha have been published demonstrating that this thread does exist.

So I now have a name for what I do, it’s called Haumana Dao. It is not a religion nor is it a spirituality, it is a way of life with Spirituality being a central focus. It discriminates against absolutely no one because if you are a human being then you are a Haumana and if you are searching for what that means and your part in it, then you are seeking the path or way of what it means to be human, hence everyone is Haumana Dao. Finally, yes my definition of Haumana can also mean student in an abstract way because aren’t we all “Students of Life” or maybe better said as “Students of The Way”?

For your further edification, below are the Hawaiian translations of the elements of Haumana per ulukau.org

HA – Breath

U – Spirit
Nothing appeared that seemed related to Spirit. Max’s books were written a long time ago and this part of the translation may have been lost. When visiting Hawaii many years ago I realized their language is very descriptive as in one kind of lava was called Ah- Ah as that’s the sound you make when walking over this very rough form of lava (per my tour guide!) so it then follows that U (pronounced “oo” as in too) is the word for Spirit. The link will show you what was at the site,

MANA – Energy (namely Spiritual Energy)
6 results with the first one being closed what Max stated in his books (check them all out to see just how many variances there can be in this language) (All Results)

(official, as in not a cruise line, street, or bay)

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