Spirituality through the eyes of a Truth Seeker


The Journey to Spirituality is best achieved
by starting with what’s already there.

This is mainly done by paying attention to
the works of those that inspire your Path.

Some of those have written books, and some
of them have made very inspiring movies, some
of which you might be surprised by.

Click on the links in the Main menu to see
what people, literature, and cinema have inspired me.

This is currently a work in progress so please be patient.

Random Thoughts
  • “Have you ever considered that you are a multifaceted, multileveled, multidimensional being?”
    by Jeff Staebell, My Life Experiences
  • “If you're willing to fight for it, you can change anything.”
    by Tony Stark, Iron Man
  • “Yet never resist anything. If you think that by your resistance you will eliminate it, think again. You only plant it more firmly in place.”
    by Neale Donald Walsch, Conversation with God Series