Spirituality through the eyes of a Truth Seeker


Here is an initial list which I will eventually add to along with commentary about the role these people have played in my life, mainly through their writings.

Louise Hay
Marianne Williamson
Wayne Dyer
Jane Roberts
Max Freedom Long
Neale Donald Walsch
Carolyne Myss

Random Thoughts
  • “Love, Joy, Happiness Ecstasy is a Frequency. Hate, Anger Fear, Violence is a Frequency. What is your Frequency?”
    by Jeff Staebell, My Life Experiences
  • “When faced with Ultimate Truth, few will see it, many will deny it, and most won’t even acknowledge it.”
    by Jeff Staebell, My Life Experiences
  • “If the rug of your apparent and immediate Truths were suddenly and rapidly pulled out from underneath you, how would you survive that?”
    by Jeff Staebell, My Life Experiences