Spirituality through the eyes of a Truth Seeker


Here is an initial list which I will eventually add to along with commentary about the role these people have played in my life, mainly through their writings.

Louise Hay
Marianne Williamson
Wayne Dyer
Jane Roberts
Max Freedom Long
Neale Donald Walsch
Carolyne Myss

Random Thoughts
  • “Attuning to the Frequency of Love requires the Opening of the Heart and the expression of all emotions without Judgment. Until then Love is only a Thought.”
    by Jeff Staebell, My Life Experiences
  • “Aha moments are like candy for the soul; so delicious and delectable.”
    by Jeff Staebell, My Life Experiences
  • “Your life will tell you all about your Self if you let it. It does this via Signs, Symbols, and Portends.”
    by Jeff Staebell, My Life Experiences