Spirituality through the eyes of a Truth Seeker


Below is a quick list of the my favorite inspirational movies.
I will eventually give my own personal review of each of these.
This is a work in progress and will be updated on a regular basis as time permits.

The Matix
The Matrix Reloaded
The Matix Revolutions
Dune (both the movie and the Sci Fi Channel mini series)
Babylon 5
My Life
Circle of Iron
Whale Rider
Peaceful Warrior
Grand Canyon
Bruce Almighty
Celestine Prophecy
What The Bleep Do We Know!?

Random Thoughts
  • “Raising your Frequency and producing your version of the Vibration of Love, is based upon your ability to feel deep pain, fear, anxiety, discordance, confusion and chaos; to go into those feelings, survive them and to find Peace once again. Use your will to create Peace within yourself and your life and resolve that all situations shall turn into opportunities.”
    by Barbara Marciniak, The Pleiadians
  • “When Learning supersedes the Knowing of Our Being, Chaos results; and we wonder why the world is so full of chaos? Whose truth is your truth?”
    by Jeff Staebell, My Life Experiences
  • “The Core always speaks of Itself and requires a Peaceful Heart to hear the Totality of its Truths.”
    by Jeff Staebell, My Life Experiences