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Religious versus Spiritual (Part 1)

Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about the differences between these two words? Think about when they’ve come up in conversation long enough and you might notice some things. So just what is the difference? Most people, especially those that claim the “spiritual not religious” stance will tell you the main difference is in the word “dogma”. Is the definition declarative or presumptive? It's actually both because no two sources have exactly the same definition. So either you accept one source as The Authority or you come to your own conclusions. What would you do and what does that say about how you think, see, and feel about the world? Read more

The Church of Oprah vs Christianity

A cyberspace "Holy War" has been raging on YouTube for over two months in response to a video used to promote a book exposing The Church of Oprah along with Eckhart Tolle's new age book, A New Earth. The most amazing thing about this phenomenon is when you take a step back and look at the "Big Picture", it demonstrates who we are as a Collective or Society and the picture is not pretty. Things like this will only continue to keep us separate from one another and only help to continue a world living in the pain of separation. Read more