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Love is an Innate Expression

I received an email from my brother this afternoon that had the words “INSTANTLY, WHEN YOU RECEIVE THIS PAGE, YOU MUST SEND IT TO AT LEAST 5 PEOPLE, INCLUDING THE PERSON WHO SENT IT TO YOU!!!”  This normally indicates that I won’t receive some special grace from God, The Divine Universe etc if I don’t participate and please don’t break the chain and ruin it for another.  I just receive them in the spirit it was given and delete it because I don’t play those games that prey on the fear that if I don’t do something someone tells me that nothing good will come to me or by my lack of it will cause another to be victimized by my unwillingness to participate in some Chain Letter of Fear.

The message was about how everyone could use a hug of some kind and was a nice message.  Originally I figured I would at least send it back to him as he’s going through a tough time and could use a hug, even if it was a cyber-hug.

Because I was busy and doing a quick scroll of it, I didn’t originally notice a photo named the same as the Subject of the email, “Rescuing Hug”, with two newborn infants, one with its arm around the other.  The copy associated with the picture is what entirely turned me around and gave this email a brand new definition.

Rescuing-HugIt said, “This is a picture from an article called “The Rescuing Hug.” The article details the first week of life of a set of twins. Apparently, each were in their respective incubators, and one was not expected to live. A hospital nurse fought against hospital rules and placed the babies in one incubator. When they were placed together the healthier of the two threw an arm over her sister in a endearing embrace. The smaller baby’s heart rate stabilized and her temperature rose to normal.  Let us not forget to embrace those whom we love.”

What an absolutely incredible story!! I had to know more, so I did a search for “Rescuing Hug”.  Continue reading

September 11, 2001: 8 Years Later

“A date which will live in infamy – the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked.”…”Very many American lives have been lost.”…“Always will we remember the character of the onslaught against us.”…“I believe I interpret the will of the Congress and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost, but will make very certain that this form of treachery shall never endanger us again. Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger.

On Monday December 8, 1941, Theodore Roosevelt spoke these words about the bombing of an American military base on Pearl Harbor in Oahu Hawaii the day before. (Listen to President Roosevelt’s actual speech)

Sound familiar?

Today is the eighth anniversary of what some have referred to as the “New Pearl Harbor” and what has simply become known as 9-11. Both involved surprise attacks killing many Americans that resulted in war with the main difference being that the 2001 event was entirely civilians and the 1941 event was a World War versus a Global War on Terrorism which has mainly been an “American War” with some support from other countries initially but these days it seems like it’s only our war; one that some say is more about American Imperialism than protecting us from terrorists, an enemy that we can’t see or apparently find well enough to finally end a war that’s been going on for most of the past 8 yrs with some saying no real end in sight anytime soon.

Heroics and bravery are somewhat expected of soldiers but what about a business man/woman? Or a janitor, security guard, salesman? Aka civilians. This comment is not meant to detract from soldiers but that it’s part of their job but not really for the average civilian. Men and women of all race, creed, color, social status, and occupation were suddenly required to find within them this heroics and bravery.

This is what I noticed watching all of the coverage of the aftermath. That regardless of who they were, they rose to the challenge of assisting not only a fellow American, but most importantly a fellow Human without any question of who they were, what their social/economic status, etc was. It was Humans helping Humans. I was watching The Collective in Action!!

What followed was a very serious question. If we could drop all of our supposed boundaries that make us different, from which myriad judgments and condemnations result, for one day, just what would it take for that to happen permanently? Would it then take humanity to be on the brink of annihilation in order for this to occur permanently? It almost seemed too much to ask much less consider because that day was a lot of Death, Devastation, Destruction, and Mayhem much less the latter question; but that wouldn’t ever happen right? If you truly look at the world over the last 8 yrs it seems to be a lot worse. Not just this endless GWOT (which BTW is still killing endless civilians, just not “ours”) but economic collapse resulting in job losses, foreclosures, growing loss of individual freedoms; the list seems to get longer and longer as time goes on.
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The Church of Oprah vs Christianity

Have you heard about the “Holy War” that is currently going on in cyberspace, which was initiated at YouTube?

About a month ago I received an email with a link to the video discussed below. Like so many other people I had a reaction to it but it was nothing like the thousands that have commented on it because they were taking sides. Instead, I realized that I had an understanding of BOTH sides. The number of views of this video is currently pushing towards 8 million with over 7,000 comments and this is not counting the numerous videos created in response to it (the most recent being one week ago)!!! While in the midst of building this blog I realized it would make a great first post. I originally expected it to be a quick commentary based on some of my initial reactions. When researching it I soon realized that there is a phenomenon going on that is actually representing us as a whole (a.k.a. The Collective), reflecting who we are as a society. First a quick synopsis of the more controversial parts.

This highly stylized video promo for the book “Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid” starts with the question “Have you heard about the largest church in the world?” followed by statements of the extremely rapid growth of it’s congregation. This is then followed by a few sayings, spoken as beliefs, of this new church threatening the Christian concepts of Heaven, Sin, and Salvation. The most serious one threatens the cornerstone of Christianity, “The Man on the Cross” referring to him as an archetypal image and eventually calls it a pathetic error of clinging to “this old rugged cross” with the final insult that this cross has only one message and dying for your sins it is not.

This church and its leader is then identified to be Oprah Winfrey with this segment ending with “Years ago she denied Jesus is the only way”.

A video clip now demonstrates this starting with Oprah saying, “One of the mistakes that human beings make is believing that there is only one way to live”. (Not according to John 14:6, which is quoted throughout the numerous comments). As she responds to a rebuttal, when someone tries to make a comment, she holds up her hand with a “Let me speak” gesture and continues talking (or is it insinuating her opinion upon her audience?). She completes her “argument” with “to what you call God”. Oprah cuts off another rebuke with “There couldn’t possibly be but one way” again attacking the crucibles of Christianity. Now comes the condemning question, when asked “What about Jesus?!?” Oprah replies “What about Jesus!?!” She does not directly deny Jesus; per this crucible, this expression of doubt and lack of declaration in Jesus must be deemed as denial of Jesus.

“Christians are being deceived” are the final words you see before showing portions of her web cast with Eckart Tolle and the now famous book, “A New Earth”, as he leads the participants in silence giving the air of priestly presence taking the audience into a trance or was that meditation? Regardless, it is not part of the Christian way.

When questioned on how she reconciles these spiritual teachings with her Christian beliefs, her reply is “well thought out” as is evidenced by the way her eyes wander around occasionally looking at the camera and then wanders around again with a series of “Um’s” inserted throughout. All of these gestures are indicative of someone pulling an idea from their head, in other words “Mental Belief”. This mental excursion, that is not really all that convincing, eventually ends up with her now famous “Jealous God” story.

The final part of this section shows Oprah saying, with Tolle’s agreement,

    “God is a feeling experience not a believing experience,
    if your religion is a believing experience,
    if God for you is still about a belief, then it’s not truly God.

This is, for me, one of the more incendiary comments made by her whether in or out of context, because this comment alone takes a pickax to the core of any religious belief.

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