Are You A Seeker Of Truth?

You can be assured that by coming here you will be constantly challenged in how you look at life and your role in it. The result of this is can be that I run the risk of losing you as a reader, so the question I ask of you before proceeding any further is Are You a Seeker of Truth? If so, then as a Seeker of Truth it is imperative that you be diligently prepared to have your Belief Systems obliterated on a regular basis. The payoff for this is the continually unfolding connection to The Infinite in ways you could have never conceived of.

If you are not a Seeker of Truth, then your time here will be limited….or will it? In other words, why did you come here in the first place? Perhaps forces outside of you have guided you here as one of the next steps in your evolution. I’m saying this because of one VERY important fact; THERE ARE NO COINICIDENCES!!! Look at it this way, a coincidence is a co-incident as in a shared incident, so then who is sharing the incident with you? A better way of looking at it is a co-created incident and then again, who co-created it with you?

Going back to the theme of the Spirituality behind 9/11, if The Collective in that single incident turned to The Divine (or whatever you choose to call it) for answers to “How could this happen?”, how would you know that it responded? My response to that question would be the yearning for more which may in turn start as the feeling of emptiness in your life’s direction. Who are you? Where are you going? What’s life about anyway? That in turn would then put you into the energy of seeking for answers. So again I ask you “Are you a seeker of Truth?”

Do I have all the answers? Humility dictates that I respond with “No” and the reason for that is as soon as I think I have a handle on it all, it’s only a matter of time before it expands again. This is an evolving process that never ceases, so to say that I have all the answers is a fallacy because if that was the case then the evolution would cease because there would be nothing more to learn. To date, that has not happened and I don’t ever expect it to happen? Why? It’s a thing called “Root Assumptions” meaning that I am living in what appears to be a Finite Universe. I see and experience beginnings, middles, and ends yet I’m seeking to understand my connection to The Infinite which has no beginnings, middles or ends, hence so do my discoveries.

I am just a Seeker of Truth, nothing more, nothing less. So all I’m doing here is sharing with you what I’ve learned so far.

As a Seeker of Truth you must be prepared that when presented with Truth that is outside of the current belief structure you have aligned yourself to, that it will be extremely easy to pass it off as entirely untrue at which time your Seeking will at least be disengaged if not halted completely. I know this to be true because it has happened to me countless times. I react to something I read or learn about with “No f***ing way!!!” only to eventually discover some time later, the potential possibilities that lie in this newly discovered Truth.

I’ve also witnessed people who seek truth to a point and then their deeply held beliefs become a barrier to further expansion at which time their growth ceases. This is the risk that all Truth Seekers must be willing to take on. I can tell you from my personal experience that there is more to this reality that you live in than you could ever have imagined and the only thing that is currently stopping you from experiencing it are deeply held beliefs that say “This cannot be!”. If you remove this from your vocabulary then be prepared to uncover entirely new ways of perceiving existence which WILL eventually lead you to learning to see the Oneness in All Things.

The most important lesson to learn about this is that Truth is a choice. Truth is actually contained in the Soul but too often is impeded by deeply held and protected personal beliefs. This can then create the challenge of choosing Truth a difficult one when deeply held beliefs are directing your actions. When seeking it on the deepest of levels it becomes the most extreme use of Free Will but in turn frees your mind to perceive The Divine in ways that were previously believed to be unimaginable.

I mentioned in the Spirituality behind 9/11 Part 1 about the ego. On one hand it is your greatest tool for the discovery and unfolding of your Soul’s overall purpose because without it there is no purpose yet on the other hand it is your biggest obstruction to change. This is evidenced by the phrase, “The Truth will set you free.” Nothing will obstruct that Truth more than the ego because the closer you come to the Absoluteness of Truth, the more the ego will dissipate which in turn threatens its existence. If you were to become this Absoluteness of Truth in its entirety, the ego would be obliterated. Fortunately for the ego that will not occur as long as you remain in this corporeal body living in this physical reality. Because you and the ego are intimately connected to the point where you believe it is you and it believes that you are it, it will actually fight for its right to survive and do whatever it can to impede your quest for Truth. Over time I will go into this more and more, but for now, one of its main purposes is as “The Great Focuser” with beliefs being its primary tool for accomplishing this task.

This brief discussion of the ego is starting to get deeper than it needs to be so I’m going to leave it at this for now. I bring it up here in order to allow you to understand that as much as you seek the truth will be as much as you resist it. At first that will not seem like the case especially if you’ve been asking a lot of questions already and that is because at the onset the ego will not feel threatened. As more and more Truth becomes ingrained into your Beingness your thoughts will begin to separate and at that point the ego will become exposed and at that point it will become, “Let the games begin!”

I know this is confusing so here is an example of this. I define Judgment as “The Unwillingness to Accept Another Unconditionally”. So let’s say you take on this idea and you do your absolute best to not judge others and it seems to be working. Then one day your walking down the street and you see an absolute stranger and you hear very clearly in your mind, “Look at that fat pig!”. You are aghast at this thought. How could you be taking on the idea of not judging others and this just comes out of nowhere? This is the indication that your ego thoughts are separating from your other thoughts. What you will find is that not only does this happen more often than you will ever admit to anyone, but that you will also find yourself getting caught in mental traps that you “buy” into over and over. These are the games of the ego. There’s a lot more to this and will be addressed at another time if for no other reason than I’m now into my third page and it’s time to wrap this up.

In regard to all of this, the most important thing to remember is that the ego is essentially powerless and is the root of an essence that everyone contains called “The Nothing and Nobody”. Now you may react to this stating that this is not you, that you are somebody etc. This “Nothing and Nobody” cleverly manifests itself in a wide variety of ways. For some it’s very obvious because they belittle themselves having no real confidence in themselves. In others it manifests in the exact opposite as it should in this world of Duality and all points in between. So it’s there whether you see it or not, whether you acknowledge it or not, whether you like it or not. Essentially it’s part of what I call “The Blueprint for the Human Soul”.

Although the ego is essentially powerless, it at the same time is the Master of Illusion and knows everyone of your weaknesses and will use them in order to maintain “The Power of Its Powerlessness”. This is why I originally said it was your biggest inhibitor to Truth. The deeper you delve into Truth the more it will challenge you because its acceptance will always require you to let go of your beliefs which you use to define who you think (believe) yourself to be which then puts you into the very scary place of redefining yourself. The most important thing to remember is that it’s just going to be a newer and bigger you. To this day I’m still me but the difference from 15+ years ago is that I have a lot less emotional garbage which has resulted in a much wider view of Who I Am and the world I live in knowing full well that this view will most certainly change again. It’s been a wonderful adventure that I’ve had to at times literally kick, cry, and scream my way through and I wouldn’t trade it for anything but more of it!!!