The Spirituality Behind 9-11 (Part 1)

I’m sure that your initial thought upon seeing the title of this post was something related to the word “blasphemous”. How could anyone state that a day that claimed so many lives via such a hideous event could contain hidden elements of Spirituality? Of course there were the continuous comments made by certain facets of the Christian community that this was God’s punishment for our secular lives. Personally, I never bought into that. I have a much deeper yet controversial view of that which I will explain in Part 2.

Sometime shortly after the initial affect settled down I had a revelation about the Big Picture of this day. The statement I’m about to make is going to address something most people don’t ever think about in their day to day lives. It is a known concept in the area of Jungian psychology called The Collective Unconscious but as far as your day to day vocabulary it is non-existent because as a general rule, the general populace doesn’t think outside of its immediate boxes. There is nothing wrong with that because It Is What It Is Until It Isn’t.

I have only briefly studied Carl Jung but intend to do more because I see his work as the foundation of the Human Trinity that consists of the Conscious, Sub Conscious, and Super Conscious and from the little that I’ve studied contains deeply Spiritual indications. The little that I have come to understand of this in relation to Spirituality is that no part of the Spirit is Unconscious as in unaware; hence I refer it to as The Collective Consciousness or The Collective in short. Because the Spirit exists in the Unseen and people generally accept the edict that if you can’t see it then it doesn’t exist, then that which pertains to the Spiritual Consciousness resides in our unseen or unconscious minds. Enough of the psycho spiritual babble for now.

The revelation I mentioned previously in connection to The Collective comes from watching all of the television coverage during the attacks, subsequent destruction of the WTC towers and the aftermath of the experience. Many people were looking to God for the answers as to how this could happen to us. At that point I realized that from the perspective of The Collective that there were a huge number of people in a single incident turning to God, regardless of how that God is defined (I’ve already discussed the My God Your God stuff). If you think about this for a moment in relation to The Collective, it then ends up being the most spiritual moment in the entire history of mankind, namely because the population of the Earth in conjunction with the technology connected the entire planet to this incident.

So now that I’ve got you thinking about this in conjunction to the affect it had on The Collective Consciousness, what does it mean? For many, nothing, because most people do not think or believe they exist in anything outside of their immediate experience. Something of this magnitude cannot only have a single result. This will end up being the pivotal point for all of humanity but the first thing that has to happen is that humanity is going to have to wake up. Some of it has, but much of it is still sleeping, but not for long; the alarm is getting ready to ring.

The one thing I can tell you about the affect on The Collective for sure is that moments of this magnitude show us Who We Really Are both as individuals and as a society. Do you remember the continuous stories of bravery? How about the stories where our barriers totally disappeared? There were stories of people helping people regardless of race, creed, color, status, money, etc. It was humans helping humans for the pure sake that they were humans in need of assistance. Essentially it was humanity at its Unbiased Best. At that time no one was a Princess, or Prima Donna or WAP, or Nigger, or Honky, or Spic, or Pagan, or Christian or Buddhist or Jew or Muslim or…… the list can go on and on and on. There were absolutely no barriers that traditionally separate us to the point of judgment, hate, separation and most importantly, violence.

This occurred most profoundly on 9/11/01 but after that there were other incidents such as the Tsunami in Asia and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, to name a few, where similar things happened and many who were too far away reached in their wallets and purses to support those who suffered through disasters that occurred this time via nature. Although we do not get to see it often in the news, I’m sure such unbiased actions have also taken place in the many areas of our world where war rages on.

Once the smoke literally and figuratively cleared we eventually got basically back to business as usual with the poor being taken advantage of by the rich, the Christians bashing those who don’t adhere to their “Ours is the Only Way”, politics are run by big money at the expense of the people and again, the list can go on and on and on and on. In the end they are all related to any and all of the thoughts centered around “I’m better than you”. Essentially the ego is running amok and could easily lead to our downfall if not corrected because this only leads to continued and expansive divisiveness which has a very long history of resulting in death, devastation, and destruction which at its very worst has led to genocide. This is not the traditional Freudian/Jungian idea of ego but more of an expansion of it I’ve discovered that will eventually be explained. This is closer to the idea of the ego in A Course in Miracles but not exactly.

For me this begs the question of why does it take disasters of these magnitudes for us to see the Oneness in each other? If “Ask and it is given” and “Knock and it is answered” are true, how does this equate to 9/11 being the most spiritual day in the history of humanity in conjunction with the continuing struggles of this planet, whether that’s the economy, health, or the incessant wars? You see most everyone only sees these statements in how it applies to them yet I’m telling you that it DID affect The Collective and has not been forgotten. Carl Jung said it is “a reservoir of the experiences of our species”, so once experienced it is never forgotten and has to affect the ensuing experiences.

The Divine is the Alpha and The Omega. It is limitless and unbounded. Hence it knows no boundaries of separation and therefore hears both The Individual and The Collective simultaneously and responds accordingly in that mode of “Ask and it is given”. From that reservoir of experiences just what are we asking for and what will it take for permanent resolution?

The way that I’ve come to understand the healing process is that at first you get a tap, if you don’t respond then you get a push, if that doesn’t work then it becomes a shove, if the message is not heeded then it becomes a smack and before you know it you get your ass kicked for the only reason of not paying attention to the resolutions that God is giving you. It’s the adage of “God deliver me from my pain….No, not like that!!!” while continuing to scream that God is not there for you and then “punishes” you with a disaster. Your life will tell you all about your Self IF you let it and that most importantly includes the communications from The Divine.

If the question and the answer are issued simultaneously because God loves you so much as to never hide the answers from you, then who is the source of your frustrations in the resolution of your problems? It is you. As simple as this answer sounds, it is actually too complicated to get into right now.

Yet the continuing spiral of our world into endless debt and war can only cause The Collective to continually ask for release from this madness. So this then begs the question that if disaster, murder and mayhem are the current tools that get us to drop our boundaries of separation resulting in Actions of Oneness while at the same time we are clamoring for the release of this madness, then what level of disaster, murder and mayhem will it take for the change to be permanent on a global scale?

Think I’m full of shit and don’t know what I’m talking about. Just wait. There’s a storm coming that will eventually change the face of the globe you live on. I’ve been dealing with healing for the past 15 years. Since 9/11 I’ve been observing The Shove and it’s turned into The Push. If the energy for resolution is intense enough The Smack can quickly turn into The Ass Kicking. When this happens on the scale of The Collective in its entirety, as in a global level, it plain and simply will not be pretty meaning death, devastation, and mayhem on a global level. Whether that’s instantaneous or graduated, man made or natural is yet to be seen.

This will not be the kind of storm your Auntie Em told you about.

Does it have to happen this way? No not really. Although some are waking up the Big Question is if it’s enough, because when I look around and carefully listen and observe the words, actions, and deeds of others, I see and hear a lot of separation, divisiveness, holier than thou, better than or less than, basically Minds and Hearts that are asleep and living in a dream and it saddens me when the answer is as simple as SEEING THE ONENESS IN ALL THINGS and acting accordingly.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and in a world where the ego runs so fervently amok, something so basically simple seems to be so far away because the littleness of the ego adores its power and when that’s allowed to occur pervasively over long periods of time it will fight to your death to retain it. I can only pray that I’m wrong in that what I see or hear is from a limited perspective, but recently I’ve been paying more attention on a global level and my sadness has deepened.


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  1. Your words are very powerful, your view make sense. keep it up…leaves you wanting to hear more of your thoughts…

  2. Thank you for this important insight. A very spiritual friend suggested that is also opened a necessary portal for human kind, that the souls that departed were part of a significant spiritual plan.

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