The Spirituality Behind 9-11 (Part 2)

If you have not done so, please read Part 1 before reading Part 2.

If you have read Part 1 and found it to be thought provoking, get ready to get your mental socks blown off!! There is a high probability with this post that you’re going to be shaking your head in disbelief and saying “No way is this true!“, which by the way is a common reaction when people’s beliefs are being seriously challenged. This is why the previous post delved into the various areas that I have come to realize are involved in Truth Seeking.

The next level of Truth is just below your current level of Truth and upon your initial arrival there it’s going to be confusing and sometimes hard to accept.

During the ensuing days after 9/11 the one thing that a lot of Americans did was to reinforce their Patriotism by displaying the flag and saying “God Bless America”. From my perspective, the blessings of God are bestowed upon you continually without fail, 24/7, whether you are asking for it or not. Why? God so loves his children that not loving them is never a consideration.

As a parent, when your child does something wrong, do you stop loving them? You may not agree with what they are doing and even attempt to circumvent it, but ceasing the act of love is not a consideration. Being made in the image of God, then it follows that God does this on an even more expansive level.

I tried to convey to some that the fact that the presence of God is in your life with or without the asking. In other words you cannot not have the presence of God in your life that it is actually impossible to disconnect from God. Hence there is never a reason to ask for Blessings that have continually flowed into your life without ever having to ask for them. All I got in response to this was the “deer in the headlights” look because the big question that resulted from all of this was “How God could let this happen?”

Let’s go back to the parent analogy.

God created this playground called Earth in which his children are allowed to play freely, as in the use of their Free Will. As any parent would do, there are times when intervention is required (aka Divine Intervention) and times when it’s best to let them work it out. How many times do parents tell their children incessantly to not do certain things, but they thought they knew better or even could get away with it? When these scenarios become excessively chronic, the loving and wise parent needs to let the child learn the lessons the hard way as in Tough Love. Sometimes this involves getting hurt mentally, emotionally, or physically, and in the most extreme cases all of these. Some of Life’s Lessons just end up being learned the hard way. Most everyone can attest to it at least once.

This is going to result in the response that in this analogy God let those people die. Before I address this issue I need to preface it with some other information.

The reason that I continually discuss The Believing versus The Feeling in some of my previous posts is because I have come to understand that The Believing currently is what is establishing The Feeling but most importantly it is the main driver of what separates us. I stated in “Religious versus Spiritual Part 2” that “God is The Infinite, a concept our tiny minds can’t grasp because everything around us is finite. If dogma says that God is This and Only This or That and Only That, does this not limit the Unlimited?” If your Believing refuses to accept anything outside of it, then the result is that you are limiting the unlimited feeling of The Divine.

If that is okay with you, then let it be so. In contrast to that are the constant comments I hear or read about how so many people are looking for more. Which one are you?

When you are constantly seeking more and more ways to understand The Divine the result is more and more revelations which are feelings of The Divine. This is why I’m asking you to suspend your disbelief because that may well be what’s limiting the presence of The Unlimited in your life. Many people have a hard time stepping outside the boundaries of their Believing of God because of the fear of the affect it will have on their Feeling of God; something they cherish and hold as sacred. What I’m saying to you is to give it a chance for there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am consistently awed and humbled by the continuing expansion of the presence of the Divine in my life to the point that my eyes will overflow with unabated and overwhelming Joy!!!

The concept I will now present to you has to do with The Perfection of The Divine. I first learned about this 10 years ago and it totally changed the way I look at it. There’s a bit more to it than what I am about to state, but the crux of it is that God is incapable of creating anything less than God. That pure and simply is an impossibility. A molecule in the body of God has the exact same capacity to create unlimited Universes as the entire body of God. There are many places this train of thought will lead you (assuming you are willing to accept it) but for now I’m going to associate it with the previous playground example.

The answer to the question of God allowing those people to die in the sense of letting his children work out their issues on their own is “Yes”. How can that be? If God cannot create anything less than itself and God is an Infinite Being, then to create you as a finite being is less than that and hence an impossibility. Therefore God does not view death in the same way you as you do. You view it from the place of Finite where God views it from the place of Infinite. God sees that you just changed from your Finite form to your Infinite form and the only thing you left behind was your finite physical body. In doing so God sees that all you did was leave the playground and returned home.

I’m not done yet, it gets even crazier than this!!!

In The Spirituality Behind 9-11 Part 1 I said, “…no part of the Spirit is Unconscious as in unaware”. When you add this into the mix, this then begs the question, who made the decision to die? Was it God allowing the ultimate form of Tough Love or some part of the Unseen Consciousness that you are not aware of? The answer is “Yes”.

If you’re having a hard time with this, at first so did I. This is something that you sort of have to take a teaspoon at a time and let it settle in.

One of the things I’ve heard over and over is that “No Soul leaves this world without choosing to do so.” At first that sounds fine. You come here, do your dance, and then it’s time to go. It was another matter altogether when I started taking that idea “to the streets” observing how it works. Watching people whose lives have basically come to an end in one form or another and then hanging on in a conscious or even semi-unconscious state for a long time makes you question that. What about being brutally murdered? What about incidents where the death is sudden for whatever reason which is then followed by irrefutable evidence that their Spirit is still hanging around?

Where’s the choice in that? Why did it take so long especially if suffering is involved? Why not just leave and move on? Why would someone chose to leave in such a brutal way? How could someone make the choice and then “hang around”? As simple as the statement may seem, its application into everyday life can result in limited understanding no matter how much you accept that “No part of the Spirit is unaware”.

Although I’ve come to understand some aspects of this, there’s always the individuals “Journey of a Soul” and that then becomes between them and the “Forces Beyond”.

Taking this to the events of 9-11, these people all chose on some level to be there and return home or die as we prefer to call it here in this place called Earth. This has to be then followed by “WHY?!?” In this case I cannot say I have the complete answer because of the amount of people in a single incident there is easily multiple reasons for the choice individually. In order to even begin to understand the individual level you’d have to go through extensive interviews of the affects it had and continues to have on the ones this affected. Each one is a unique experience in itself and is determined by their individual “Journey of a Soul”.

As far as the level of The Collective is concerned; I stated at the end of Part 1 that there is a storm coming and I was NOT kidding. I’ve been saying it a lot for almost a year but thought it had to do a situation with my previous employer. Many of the things that I thought would happen there have not occurred. This forced me to re-evaluate this feeling eventually realizing that I was being too narrow-minded in my focus and have since come to realize the Big Picture of this statement with the finalities of it in the last several days.

There’s a storm coming and its affect will be on the entirety of Humanity; we are on the cusp of a Major Evolution. The affects that 9-11 had on The Collective was just the beginning of preparing for this. This initial reaction of forcing us to ask “Why?” and the ensuing resulting quests for “Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here?” is the gift they all offered to The Collective for without it so many would have never even thought about it.

I cannot say if the storm will happen all at once or gradually over a period of time but what I can say is that it will put you in the place of asking these questions and more, and the answers will determine the direction we as The Collective will take.

All things with The Spirit involve Choice and so shall this. We will be given the choice to Evolve or De-Evolve. Sounds like a simple choice, right? Maybe not when the answers involve letting go of deeply and long held beliefs of Who You Really Are which may currently be vehemently and voraciously guarded and protected, you will find yourself at many crossroads many of which will be infused with Fear because the redefining of The Self can be frightening for many.

This is why I ask this question in Part 1 and will leave you with it again; What amount of Death, Devastation, Destruction and Mayhem will it take for you to entirely drop your boundaries of Separation and see and live as The Collective? Look around you and within yourself, WE have got lots of work to do!!! The results will be The Birth of The Collective Humanity and life here will never be the same….or not, then it will be more of the same as is Death, Devastation, Destruction, and Mayhem where Choice is limited or even worse predetermined as this is what De-Evolution entails.

The Choice is as much yours to make as it ours.